Seven Implications of Multimodal And Shared On-Demand Mobility

On-demand mobility services continue to evolve fast. New solutions are introduced constantly to address changes in consumer urban transportation tastes, or address shortcomings of existing offerings. Consumers demand for personalized transportation solutions that are affordable, convenient, and safe has led to the rapid growth of ride-hailing.  But in cities where it is most popular, single passenger ride-hailing is a major contributor to traffic congestion and lengthening travel times leading to deteriorating passenger experience. We need to find solutions that increase the passenger throughput per mile and permanently remove vehicles from streets. Micromobility and new forms of ridesharing emerged in part to address these problems but also to provide lower cost transportation alternatives. They are now being combined with ride-hailing to offer multimodal transportation. Multimodal and shared on-demand mobility will have seven implications that will require careful consideration.

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