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Transportation Transformation presents a vision of next-generation urban mobility arising from the interplay among three major groups: the automakers, the mobility services companies, and the cities. The transformation is driven by innovations and megatrends including urbanization, climate change, vehicle autonomy, and the rapid rise in mobility services such as ride-hailing and micromobility. This book describes the transformations that automakers, mobility services companies, and cities must undertake, the new value chains that will form as a result of these transformations, and the business models that will enable the transformed organizations to monetize or otherwise benefit from next-generation mobility. In addition to detailing the central role of AI and other data-driven technologies in next-generation mobility, the book explains the key risks we must address while transforming transportation. Transportation Transformation is the GPS helping organizations to achieve their desired place in new urban mobility.


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Louis Columbus

Amitai Bin-Num

Drue Freeman

Sachin Seth

“Very few studies presciently forecast a paradigm shift before it occurs. Dr. Simoudis’ “Transportation Transformation” does exactly that, revealing key change agents that will transform transportation–everything from on-demand mobility services, fleet-based transportation networks, autonomous vehicles, and their associated value chains. More importantly, Simoudis gives us a complete picture that tells the real story behind the tech … the coming transformation has implications for our society as a whole, including much-needed changes in national and local governance. Anyone who wants to understand the nexus of disruptive tech, consumer mobility, and urban futures should read this book!”

Dr. Jake Sotiriadis, Chief Futurist, US Air Force


“Megatrends, new technologies, and mobility services are impacting the automotive industry in a fundamental way. The industry is moving into a future that requires re-thinking of existing practices and traditional models, as well as collaboration with different constituencies. Transportation Transformation describes that future and elegantly explains what players, both old and new, can do to profit from it. This book becomes the GPS helping organizations determine how to achieve their desired place in new mobility.”

Dr. Kal Mos, Global Head Local Search, Alexa AI

“After one hundred years of roads, regulations and revenue streams built around mass-produced, privately owned automobiles, human mobility is on the cusp of profound change. In Transportation Transformation, Dr. Simoudis takes a comprehensive, dispassionate look at the forces that are shaping a trillion-dollar industry today and offers a glimpse at what the future of mobility may look like.”

Dr. Stephen Zoepf, Chief of Policy Development, Ellis & Associates

Transportation Transformation provides insightful analysis of how autonomous mobility will disrupt entrenched business models, reshape value chains, and transform how millions of people move in cities worldwide.  Evangelos Simoudis has written a guidebook to the opportunities that will be created by next-generation mobility.”

Dr. Karl Iagnemma, President and CEO, Hyundai-Aptiv Autonomous Driving Joint Venture

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