Monetizing Big Data in Next-Generation Mobility

In my book and previous posts I build a broad case for the importance of big data and AI in next-generation mobility, and provide several examples of data that is being collected, or can be collected, in a variety of transportation and logistics situations. Next-generation mobility is about autonomous vehicles, electrified vehicles, and on-demand shared mobility and the use cases they enable. It is also about how to best utilize available transportation and logistic resources, in conjunction with various types of autonomous vehicles, to address some of our biggest challenges. These include pollution and climate change, urbanization and congestion, aging population, traffic fatalities, and injuries, as well as maintaining economic prosperity by operating highly optimized supply chains that span the globe. As I continue to analyze the value chains that emerge in next-generation mobility, it is important to look closely at the functions big data and AI enable in the major use cases for such vehicles, and the monetization that can result through these functions beyond a vehicle’s autonomous movement.

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