Using Corporate Incubators and Accelerators To Drive Disruptive Innovation


Corporations are establishing incubators, e.g., Samsung, and accelerators, e.g., Orange, in order to advance their disruptive innovation initiatives. They are doing so on their own, e.g., Samsung, Swisscom, or in partnership with independent accelerators, e.g., Disney, Microsoft, and Barclays have partnered with Techstars. The terms “incubator” and “accelerator” are frequently used interchangeably to denote an organization that aims at helping very early stage startups, or even just teams in the process of considering the creation of a startup, get off the ground successfully.  They do that  typically in exchange for a small equity percentage in each startup. This blog addresses the role of corporate incubators and accelerators in disruptive innovation, rather than the general topic of startup incubation that has been covered extensively elsewhere. It presents:

  • Four different corporate incubation/acceleration models.
  • The steps necessary for establishing and maintaining one of these organizations.
  • A process to help corporations increase the value and success rate they derive from their incubation/acceleration initiatives.

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